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We made it!!!!

We did it!!!! we made the list!!!! We are on the waitlist for our ivf treatments!!!

So we went into the appointment not knowing what the outcome would be…and boy we were surprised!!!

The lady we met for our appointment was super supportive. She wanted to know about my history and stuff. She then asked about my height and weight….this was something that I had been dreading!!!! but it was super relaxed as I told her and then told her how much I had lost. She was so impressed with how much weight I had lost she proudly put me on the list!!! I have to get some blood test done when I have my period for finding out about my egg quality..(which I am a bit worried about) and need to send my scans that diagnosed my pcos into the clinic.  But its happening!! I am so happy!!!

We were so over the moon and I started asking a million question.

We got the letter yesterday AND its has been the letter we have been waiting for.  This letter is so exciting and so now the wait begins for us to start our journey.

I am hoping that we don’t have to wait to long….I am hoping that we will be called up after 6 months.  So I have decided that next year in June I will be starting to take the woman’s multi vitamins for producing good eggs!!

But for now we can relax a little bit, knowing that we have a journey which we know will test both of us!!

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