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So just like the title says….today can change our future!!

Today is the day we get told whether we are on the public funding list!!! Today is the day that we have been waiting for a very long time for.  However it did not happen like the previous post I wrote about.  This appointment is a day earlier.

Last Friday we got a phone call stating that our appointment has been cancelled and that they placed a new date on.  This new date was for the 13th December about two weeks after the first appointment….I was not happy.  So Monday (This Monday just been) I rang them up, stated that I was not happy at all because we had been waiting for this appointment for such a long time and had been emotionally ready for this date.  The lady then had a look at the appointment and found that there was an opening on Thursday at 330.  So without a second thought I grabbed that appointment.  Then I got on the phone and thought about it….SHIT…FUCK…it was in three days time!! My bmi was coming down but I didnt know that it would be enough.

So after some drastic measures I have gotten my bmi down to 32!! Exactly!! I am over joyed at this so much.

Now its a waiting game to the appointment!! I am nervous even though I am at bmi requirements!!

Will write another blog soon…


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