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If you had
One shot
Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture
Or just let it slip?”

These are the words from Eminem’s song lose yourself…..these are the words in which capture what I think we need to remember when we go through IVF and the preparation that is needed to happen in order for our IVF cycles to be successful! Why not?

So that is what I have done, I have taken over reading everything I can about IVF and what I can do to increase my chances of my body working to allow us to have a family! Why not?

One of the first things that I have done is lose weight (as you have read it is going well), joined some support groups through facebook, brought and read cover to cover “It starts with an egg” By Rebecca Fett where I followed her suggestions and have brought a fertility bracelet to wear!, researched as much as I can about IVF and what it entails and read other blogs about other people’s journey’s on the IVF roller coaster.

But let me tell you this! It is so overwhelming to read all this information  and read other people’s stories of the highs and lows of fertility treatment! I am so scared of so many things within this journey.

One of the biggest things I am finding is that there is huge amounts of pressure placed on the female to firstly get her bmi down to 32, have her body get regular cycles, go through countless amounts of blood tests, scans, inject herself with medicines (which from what I have read so far turns her into an emotional monster who has no control over her ability to withstand partners just breathing), to allow her body to create eggs full of strength to get through to the important stage of making it through to being transferred into her body where the embro has to stick.  The women then has the pressure of her body keeping the pregnancy viable.  Then the women has the pressure of giving birth! Seriously all the man has to do is provide the little swimmers! But at this point I do understand that the male feels horrible that this is the only thing they can do.  When talking to Todd about this he has said that he feels like he has been benched in a sports game and isn’t allowed to help the team win the game! He feels guilty that all he has to do is produce his swimmers and watch as we go through this turmoil with our bodies.  (I am going to get him to write a blog from a male’s perspective which will come soon)

But then this is the hand we are dealt so instead of sitting a pool of self pitty, we are facing this head on and first thing first is to put into place suggestions that Rebecca Fett has described in her book to help produce good egg quality. She suggests eliminating products with BPA products from your life…SO out went plastic from our house and in came glass, wood and metal.  I use glass containers from serving food through to storing food, wooden utensils when it comes to mixing things and metal bowls and measuring cups! I also do not handle dockets from supermarkets or other places as BPA is found in the paper that they use to print these onto.  I have also tried to get fresh and organic as possible.  But sometimes its hard and can be expensive.  I have also changed our cleaning products and my beauty products to natural and free from phthalates (Which is a chemical found in cleaning and beauty products).  I love the smell of my natural beauty products.  I have also made the decision to not dye my hair or get fake nails.  This is something that has made me sad, but I know I am doing it for the well being of myself and the eggs I want to provide.

In the next few months I will also be looking at taking vitamins in which will increase my fertility and also looking at fertility acupuncture.

Like I mentioned before we are going to be given limited chances to get this right, why not take the steps to help now.  I know that what I am doing may seem silly to other people, but this is so important to us, I don’t want to get to the stage and say we should have tried this…..

Like the book’s title states “It starts with the egg” so I am doing everything I can fucken do to help. As I am staying a big FUCK YOU to infertility and the reasons why we are here!!!

End note: These blogs will also contain swearing, I am being frank and honest and feel that I am entitled to write exactly how I am feeling.

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