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NOOOOOOOOOOO!! I just sat there and laughed at the doctor as she gave me the results of the xray of my arm! But before I tell you more I will explain how I got here in the doctor’s office laughing at her when she said you have a fracture in your arm you need to go into a cast.

It was a rainy morning but Todd and I decided that we needed to go for our morning exercise of running/walking.  It was only rain it wouldn’t hurt us….oh I had no idea that in fact it would hurt me! We made our way down a street which was steep, so I decided to walk down it slowly as I didn’t want to injure myself as too was happening to us in the next month so best to play it safe.  However, I did not know that my life was going to change the moment I stopped running to walk.  My footing gave way as we went down a steep part.  Todd being the man he is grabbed me and tried to save my fall, (bless him) but I still landed funny on my right hand.  It hurt but not to much and carried on with the walk and the rest of the day.

Then when we were heading up to see his parents in the car my hand and arm started to hurt like hell, I got tingly sensations up my arm and my arm started to swell and a lump had formed.  I ended up heading into get it looked at where xrays revealed a squiggly line down my arm!

The doctor said she wanted to place me into a cast.  It was at this point I looked at Todd and started to laugh….she can not be serious….A CAST!! SERIOUSLY!! NOOOOOO, FUCK FUCK FUCK was all I could think of….My timing in things in my life has not been on point and I don’t do things by halves.  So when she said cast I laughed! In that instant my life I began to worry about the timing and impact this was going to have on so many things and especially our ivf appointment where I need to have a bmi of 32!!

So off I went to get the cast put on!! As you can see I was not happy about this!!

But Shit does happen and I just have to roll with what life has to throw at me.  I had two choices in which I could make….I could look at it as a failure, give up and just let it over take me and my life….or I could just say fuck it I am not going to let this stop me from achieving some pretty important goals.  So being me I decided that I was NOT GOING TO LET IT RULE MY LIFE! I had goals in which I was working towards to I decided to say fuck it lets move on and still focus on whats important…losing the weight and getting on to that list!  I must admit I did have a day where I wallowed in self pitty and pretty much was like why me! But then I actually hated the negative feelings that I was experiencing with this! So I got back up and carried on!

One of the things I couldn’t do was compete in the tough mudder which I was really upset about, instead I ended up being the support crew for the team, which I loved being. My team mates all felt bad that I couldn’t compete with them, but they stated that they were out there because of me and that they wanted to make me proud by doing this! Next year we made a pact that I would be with them and we would be competing in the full one…a joke was made that I was to be banned from exercising the week before the comp! What an achievement for my team mates! I was so proud even though I was so ready to compete, but mud, water and physical activities did not mix with my broken arm.  The look on my face in this photos shows it all how Im feeling at the start of the race! 


I am determined to get through this rough patch, I am exercising despite my arm being a bit broken. Like the photo says I am not letting this broken arm get me down and stop me from reaching my goals!!!

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